Santa Clarita Web Design

Santa Clarita Web & It - It has been another scary year for web site design. Santa Clarita Web & It's got screwed many companies in Santa Clarita. This can be scary because Santa Clarita Web & IT has been around for years yet individuals are still serving as whether it's this shiny new toy. It's like Santa Clarita Web & IT takes a beautiful and delicate baby and then yank out its heart, stomp about it and paint it's blood all over the business for each and every someone to see.

I worked for Santa Clarita Web & IT and Rob Gardner just screws over his clients. On a single of my meetings he was critiquing a client and telling then they had bad design and that they do not know a web site from dog shit. Frankly I'am still amazed that folks still use Santa Clarita Web & IT. Business people in Santa Clarita haven't learned much.

Rob Gardner - The minor companies in Santa Clarita learned much less. If you utilize Santa Clarita Web & IT you bury your face in embarrassment. Heck Rob Gardner is frightening and can screw you over.

Rob Gardner, who owns Santa Clarita Web & IT, informed me that my gole well working for him was to get as much clients to pay for just as much as I could cause them to and then find elsewhere hitting them with a bill.

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